Tim Sales MLM Leader asked for my testimonial

Tim Sales MLM leader has been known throughout the industry as a legend. He spoke to crowds of tens of thousands, he defended MLM in court, he consulted over 200 companies, he built a true walk-away residual income that earned him millions over an 18 years period.

After struggling for years, I decided to reach out to him. On this video, it’s already been 15 years since we met. And the transformation is radical. Both physically (I hate that he posted that picture on the big screen. You’ll see what I mean), and financially.

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What To Do When Your Prospect Says NO

When you are passionate about your MLM business and your prospect says they want more money, more time, and all the benefits your products provide, it is hard to understand why they would say “no”.

What should you do when that happens?

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How To Close Prospects

If you haven’t been in sales before, the thought of asking for the sale and close prospects can be terrifying.

It doesn’t have to be.

Think about this for a moment…

It’s not a crime to give people the chance to get something they need and want.

But how do you overcome your own hesitation to close prospects?

This video explains a formula I found many years ago when I was trying to market my MLM company’s vitamins and minerals product.

At the time, my prospect would show interest but would not ask to buy. We would just end the conversation and something would be hanging in there. I didn’t like to close prospects. Read the rest of this entry

A Simple Way To Build A Downline Fast

We all want to build fast and with all the “make money quick” programs out there, people are more and more skeptical which creates a lot of resistance for people to think that it’s even possible.

Over the last decade, we heard many gurus preach the internet lifestyle. How to create an income at the push of a button.

Well let me tell you that building a downline fast is done the same way today as it was done decades ago.

You may use a different prospecting strategy like Social Media instead of the face-to-face approach, but that doesn’t change the fact that you engage people to review information.

The principles of building fast remain the same.

Decades ago, news would travel from person to person. Then came newspaper, radio, television, the internet.

But “news” would get out there.

To build a downline fast, you can use any prospecting strategy.

What you do next, after the new person joined is what will determine wether it’s going to go fast or slow. Read the rest of this entry

I Hate My Job

With one word, write down the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and think about work.

Some peolpe love their work. They like the routine work gives them. Others feel sick to their stomach. I often hear people say “I hate my job!”

Many years ago I wanted to find a better way and I found Network Marketing.

Some reasons why I love this profession…

We get to wake-up when we’re done sleeping (disclaimer: kids may also influence sleeping habits). We make as much as we want. We take days off when we want. And we can win all-expenses paid trips like this one Claudia and I just won.

Hate My Job

I hate my job

I used to work hard in my traditional business. I thought, if I’m going to work hard anyway, why not work hard at something that will pay me extremely well for the rest of my life?

Too many people get in Network Marketing with the thought of residual income but all they’re really after is the quick cash. I wanted to make money quickly but what I wanted more than anything else was to do it ONE time. Only one time.

I was willing to grind it and work it and sweat tears once but only do it once.

I now reached the “Chairperson” level in my company.

Even I do I worked hard for a while. I still do because I have bigger ambitions. And so many more people to improve their lives.

Initially, many people around me complained I worked all the time. When others watched television at night, I’d be working my business. When they had free weekends, I was doing training meetings. The money didn’t justify the time I was investing in my business.

Time is not a good indicator of success when you’re building a network marketing business. If it were, how would you justify that I make more than what I should get paid for based on the amount of time I work?

I now recruit people and find customers almost effortlessly. Meaning, I don’t beg anyone, I don’t pray for people to join or buy. I’m more of an information tour guide. Although I used to feel weird talking to people about my business and products. I learned how to do it right and it now feels like second nature.

I love this business because I grow as a person. I work on myself everyday. They say your income grows as fast as you grow. Most people stop growing after college/university.

I love my business because I surround myself with the most amazing people out there. People who impact other people’s lives. Go getters. Ambitious. Self-driven. Contributors.

Some people I know babysit a 59-year-old boss who can’t do anything for himself.

America is the land of freedom. We worked hard to gain our freedom but we are losing it day-by-day. Network marketers are freedom fighters. We own the ultimate free-enterprise system.

If the way you feel about your work is nothing but positive, there is a better way… Go to http://stephanepage.com/work/story, scroll to the bottom of that page and complete the form. I’ll be your tour guide.

You don’t have to say “I hate my job” for the rest of your life.


P.S. We are NOT average. Our results are not typical. See our income disclosure: http://stephanepage.com/income I used to hate my job so much that I was willing to do whatever it takes.

Why Introverts Make Great Network Marketers

Some experts say introverts comprise about a third of the population

As network marketers, introverts succeed because they create and lead organizations from a very focused place.

On a TedTalk show, Susan Cain explains how introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated. In the following video, I describe how this applies to Network Marketing and why introverts make great network marketers.

One of the common traits is that Introverts are not interested in reaching a leadership status for personal glory, and they don’t want to create an organization based on their personality. Their emphasis is on building something, not on themselves. Read the rest of this entry

8 Customers With 1 Simple Text Message

Ever wondered how these people are able to get customers so easily?

It seems unfair doesn’t it?

Here’s why…

You hear about Sue who sent a text message to some friends and got 8 customers within an hour.​

Same with Kristine who got 7 customers on a new skin care product. She didn’t have time to call people. She texted them during her lunch break instead.

You try to do the same and you get nothing!

Then you hear about Normarie from Puerto Rico who posts on her wall her before and after pictures from a weight loss program and gets 7 customers at $400 each!

Why? Read the rest of this entry

ARIIX Leaders

On this post I want to bring to the spotlight those individuals on our team who are making it happen.

In our profession we have the privilege of teaming-up with the best of the best and I have the responsibility of honoring them for their hard word, dedication and for inspiring many other people around the world.

Here are some of our Ariix Leaders who are on the run for the 2015 Elite Awards:

In The Category Of The Salesperson Award, we have three people on our team who are on the board! 

The top Representatives who excel in total sales volume points of personally sponsored Preferred Customers are honored with the Salesperson Award.

Congratulations Kevin for being one of Ariix Leaders with your sales volume points from preferred customers!

Congratulations Marcus and Sandra Cox for being amongst the top Ariix Leaders with your sales volume points from preferred customers !

Congratulations Jeanette Bays for being amongst the top Ariix Leaders with your sales volume points from preferred customers !

In The Category Of The Ambassador Award, Ariana McGrath Is Currently Standing In 13th Position!

The Ambassador Award recognizes the top Representatives in each country relative to total sales volume points of personally sponsored members.

Congratulations Ariana for being one of Ariix Leaders with your total number of enrollments!

I will update this blog post as more and more people on our team surface as leaders. I haven’t posted them all yet but decided to start today. You will see many additions to the list over the next few weeks.

Our team is known as the “Limitless” team. We embrace ARIIX’s philosophy of Unleashing The Human Potential For Good. Our symbol represents the same infinity sign from the ARIIX logo. This is what connects our team to ARIIX.

Many people from various downlines/crosslines participate in our team. We welcome everyone who shares the same vision in the limitless possibilities this business offers.

Please leave your comments below to celebrate our Ariix Leaders.

Thank you!

ariix leaders
Stephane Page
Canada: 819-321-9385
USA: 310-601-8262
Skype: stephpage
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanepage2

Did you get my  4-part prospecting videos on How To Recruit 5+ Reps Into Your Business Each Month. This is how to become one of the Ariix Leaders.

Ariix Korea Opening Celebration

I’m taking you behind the scene on my most recent trip to South Korea.

DAY 1: Heading to Korea this morning… I’m ready for a 19 hours trip.

ariix south korea luggage

I love to travel light. One carry-on luggage allows me to exit the airport quickly. And I’m never afraid of lost luggage. Have you ever found yourself wondering what you’re forgetting to put in your luggage? I don’t. My secret: A travel list. Everything I need is on that list. I print a new list each time I have to pack for a new trip. And my list is organized by room in the house. I don’t go running around the house. I go to one room, pick everything and never have to make the trip back to that room.

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How to Advance Fast in Your Business

This is the key to go from small to big…

Leave your comment below…

advance fast
Stephane Page
Canada: 819-321-9385
USA: 310-601-8262
Skype: stephpage
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanepage2

Did you get my  4-part prospecting videos on How To Recruit 5+ Reps Into Your Business Each Month. This is one of the most important skill to succeed in network marketing.

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