On one of our team training call, I had the pleasure of introducing my sponsor Tim Sales as our featured guest to help us overcome one of the toughest mlm objections “I don’t want to do MLM.”

Are you tired of trying to defend MLM and wish that your prospects could just see the awesome opportunity that you are offering them?

One of the first lessons I learned when I started in mlm was that if prospects:

A. Believed all the M.L.M myths…
B. Had false information from unreliable sources or…
C. Had been affected by a previous bad experience due to poor training…

Then, no matter how great my opportunity was or even how excited I was with my own results – It didn’t matter!

It Would Fall on Deaf Ears…

Their minds were closed to the possibility that MLM was a real business that could give them the financial independence and success they wanted in life.

Sound familiar?

You see, if you don’t overcome the primary objections and myths about MLM, everything you say about your opportunity will be clouded by their thoughts of…

“This must be a py’ramid scheme, not a legitimate business.”
“I have a friend who failed at it, so M.L.M doesn’t work.”

So when I decided to get good at overcoming the M.L.M objections first, then present my company and products. My sponsoring rate improved dramatically!

On a recent training call for our team, me and my collegue Arlene offered our team the opportunity to attend a special private event with our mentor. He is my “secret weapon” behind my success. Many highly successful network marketers confess to me that, Tim Sales helped them more than their upline leader did in their own company.

On this private call, you will discover how he overcomes the M.L.M. objection and dispel myths that they have heard for years, and save yourself weeks and months of trying to find the right way to overcome this objection.

After you understand how to properly answer the toughest objection, you will find that it’s completely disarming to even the most cynical person, because it doesn’t come off as a sales pitch or a debate at all.

Listen to this recorded conference we held on St-Patrick’s Day:

Using this formula to overcome the M.L.M objection can cause dramatic changes in your business. Your prospects will be confident about their choice to build a network marketing business because they’ll understand exactly what MLM is and what it isn’t and more importantly… they will see themselves doing it.

I had chills on my arms when Tim was talking. No kidding! He sold me again on the business. That day I was not walking, I was floating. He convinced me again that I made the right decision about joining MLM. As you will hear, this is the kind of training you don’t usually have access in ANY MLM company. If you think this helped you understand how to overcome objection, leave your comments below and access other training like this by completing the form on the right.

Participate: What were your hesitations and how you overcame them

Tim shared with you why some people don’t see themselves doing MLM. If you are currently involved in MLM, tell me if you had hesitations before joining. What got you to see the opportunity? **Please try to answer this without pitching your product. Leave me a comment on WHAT were your hesitations and WHY you finally joined at the bottom of this page, looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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